E37 Z-Hero – 83mm DLC flat burrs


740 W

Rpm 50hz/60hz
600 / 1500

Z-Hero Station
170 x 170 x 205h mm

215 x 355 x 400h mm

ø 83 Flat burrs DLC-coated

Grinding adjustment
Infinitesimal stepless



Toggle switch

Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

Κωδικός προϊόντος: CEADO-E37-Z-HERO Κατηγορία:


αρχείο αναλυτικής παρουσίασης

αρχείο με οδηγίες χρήσης

αρχείο με πιστοποίηση CE

πλήρης κατάλογος τιμών CEADO

Keep exploring like a hero.
E37Z-Hero is the result of Italian craftmanship and cutting-edge technology in a single-dose coffee grinder, with a functional design which breaks old patterns, equipping baristas with the best features so to express their will to experiment.

Zero retention Hero

The zero contamination with previously ground coffees, allows to explore different origins and varieties, without wasting a single bean or emptying the grinding chamber and cleaning the burrs.

Z-Hero station

Z-Hero station creates customised grinding profiles, so to experiment with different types of extractions.
Adjusting the rpm, each individual grind will produce different flavour profiles, even when using the same beans.

Quick Set Gear

Ceado Quick Set Gear simplifies the adjustment of the particle size, so to optimise the grinding, from espresso to filter coffee.

Z-Hero burrs

Z-Hero burrs DLC-coated and without screws on the surface, exclusively engineered with two different designs.

DLC-Coated grinding chamber

DLC-coated grinding chamber inclined at 45°, with total zero retention both in input and output.

Z-Hero tools

Z-Hero tools dedicated to those
who desire to truly explore coffee
in a single dose.

Steady Lock Grinder

Ceado Steady Lock Grinder ensures under any condition the parallelism and the constant distance between the burrs, thus maintaining the set granulometry.

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Βάρος 29 kg


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